"You know, you don't always have to grow up to become an adult. I wish I had somebody to tell me that."
Amalla Su

Amalla Su (アマラ・スゥ Amara Sū) is Kaolla Su's elder sister and the other princess of the Kingdom of Molmol.

When questioned, Amalla claims to be from a desert near Tokyo, despite Tokyo being nowhere near any deserts. Amalla has a pet albino alligator named "Shiro", and also has a magical flute capable of changing the weather.


Like her sister, Amalla is off an Indian appearance with tanned skin and silver hair usually tied back in a high ponytail. A princess of her country, Amalla dresses in native Pararakelse garb and possesses the same tomboyish nature as Kaolla, although not as intense or energetic.

She is usually seen accompanied by her pet albino alligator, Shiro.


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Born as a princess of the Kingdom of Molmol, when Amalla's father passed away he was succeeded by Lamba Lu's father who adopted both Amalla and her sister, Kaolla Su, into his family.
Not wishing to take on the responsibilities of her royal station, Kaolla ran away to eventually live at the Hinata House.
Some time later, Amalla leaves for Hinata when she feels Kaolla's torment over remaining a child and growing up to be with her step-brother; brought on by Keitaro's presence.
While finding Keitaro discerning that he was the source of Kaolla's plight, Amalla attempts to bed him in order to make Kaolla lose interest in Keitaro.

When Lamba Lu arrives at Hinata, Amalla also appears; once again sensing Kaolla in turmoil. Assisting her prince in convincing Kaolla to marry, it is eventaully revealed that Amalla herself nurses feelings for Lamba and, on Kaolla's behest, Lamba apologises to her for his lack of attention.
It is implied that, following their return to Molmol, Amalla and Lamba are wed.

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  • With her flute, Amalla is able to call forth lightning strikes to attack her enemies.
  • She shares the same English and Japanese voices as Keroberos in Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie 2: The Sealed Card.   

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