Eastern Role-play Videogames is a videogame genre where the player takes on the role of a character in a vast fantasy world and embarks on a quest to, usually, save the land.

First appearing during the late 1980s, based on the Dungeons and Dragons table-top role-playing game and popularized by videogame consoles, the Eastern Role-play Videogame genre can be differentiated from Western Role-play Videogames by having several or more of the following features:

  • Created in Japan (or in China, Taiwan, or South Korea).
  • Generally found on consoles (and more recently, handhelds) rather than a PC.
  • Tend to follow linear plots, with less of a Wide Open Sandbox setting. Many will not feature discrete "quests".
  • The player usually controls a party of pre-designed characters. The player is sometimes offered a choice of what characters to use, but not the option of designing his own protagonists.
  • The party members are usually written into the plot, rather than blank slates.
  • A linear plot and lack of character creation that, hopefully, allows a more cinematic and tightly-scripted story.
  • Later games tend to have one or more elaborate, minigame-like "systems" that allow skill and ability customization.
  • "Random Encounters" are a common gameplay element, especially in older games.
  • Turn-based combat is also prominent, though action-based combat was more prominent in the past.
  • A degree of Level Grinding is strongly encouraged, if not outright required, to proceed through the game.
  • Most encounters are resolved through combat or cutscenes. Most quests and abilities are combat-oriented.
  • Often contain a few Mini Games.
  • Often targeted towards a broader audience, including female audiences (hence the Bishōnen characters often found in this genre).
  • Characters posses an "overdrive" or "limit break" ability which allows them to access special attacks during battle.


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