Keitaro arrives at Hinata House and gets a surprise. An encounter with a near-naked Naru begins a succession of mishaps, at the end of which he is confronted by a bunch of angry girls. He is rescued by his aunt Haruka, and her mistaken statement theat he must already be a Tokyo University student causes the girls to see him in a new light. They accept him for a while, though Kitsune's attempt to seduce him and then blame him for the seduction causes some friction. Further problems arise when he misleads Shinobu into thinking that he is indeed a Tokyo University student, and when Naru somehow discovers the deception. Naru is willing to forgive, but when Kaolla discovers his prep school pass the game is up, and he agrees to leave. As he is leaving, Naru follows him and has her photo taken with him in a photo-booth. Then Haruka turns up with a reprieve, in the form of the deeds of Hinata House, signed over to Keitaro by Granny Hina. He's the new landlord.

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  • Keitaro comes across a Print Club photo booth with an image of MAGI on its banner.
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