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"The place where summer never ends…The Kingdom of Molmol!"
—Kaolla Su

The Kingdom of Molmol is an island located near Pararakelse in the Pacific Ocean, near the International Date Line.
Ruled by a monarchy, the kingdom’s location is noted for once being at the centre of an ancient Turtle Civilization that Noriyasu Seta is searching for. The kingdom’s people are notable for being vigorously eccentric and rather brash in comparison to other countries such as Japan.

In the manga, Keitaro Urashima originally came to the island after Seta "recruited" him to help replace an ancient stolen artifact. The Hinata residents follow after them when Granny Hina sends a fax dictating her arrival and the official handing over of the dorm’s deed to Keitaro.
In the anime the kingdom isn’t shown, though it is mentioned. The country has a military conscript program that even royalty must obey, with a minimum of three years service. This military is evident in the manga with the presentation of the Royal Air Force’s Third Mobile Fleet.


Mutsumi's map of the Pacific Ocean, showing Parakelese and Molmol

Location Design


The appearance of the Kingdom of Molmol is based on the city of Istanbul, Turkey.



  • Kaolla Su and her sister, Amalla Su, are princesses of Molmol and their half-brother, Lamba Lu, is the crown prince.
  • The eye is a prominent symbol, appearing on many Molmol items, vehicles and designs. Kaolla Su’s various inventions all feature the symbol (apart from the Mecha-series robots).
  • The kingdom is shown to be remarkably similar to India in terms of dress and architecture. They even use elephants as mounts.
  • In the anime Kaolla admits that her goal is to turn her country into an electronics powerhouse that would rival Japan.
  • In Molmol there is a species of "hot springs fish" that live in hot water. They are carnivorous.
  • For the last arc of the series, there was an idea of having Keitaro disappear in an aerial accident when he was going to the U.S.A, and the girls would go and try to find him. However, this was considered way too dramatic for the overall tone of the manga and so they decided to write the Molmol arc instead.

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