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"#7: First Date. Keitaro's True Feelings: Nowadays" is the seventh episode of the Love Hina anime series created and released as part of the 24-episode anime series airing on TV Tokyo from April 19th through to September 27th, 2000.
The series featured character designs designed by Makoto Uno, based on those designed by Ken Akamatsu, and possessed the opening theme song Sakura Saku as well as the closing theme Kimi Sae Ireba.

When the anime was later used as the source for a comic based on the anime, Love Hina Anime Comics, the television series, unaired 25th episode, and the Xmas and Spring specials were all included in the series.

#7: First Date, Keitaro’s True Feelings: Nowadays

After Kaolla tried out her new invention, Mr Virtual, on Naru, the Hinata Residents were able to watch her romantic dream. After Naru woke up, the girls interrogated her on who the man in her dream was but was interrupted when Haruka reminded her that she had to attend her high school graduation.
Running late, Kentaro Sakata suddenly burst into the dorms with his new transportation and whisked Naru away to their graduation. Meanwhile, Keitaro goes shopping with Mitsune and, on the way back, is offered two tickets to Kanagawa Neverland. Intending to take Naru, Keitaro buys them only to discover that Kentaro had already offered to take Naru to the themepark.
While musing on why Naru was suddenly acting subdued, the Hinata Residents consider using Kaolla's Mr Virtual to work out what she was thinking about but instead uses it on Keitaro instead for entertainment. As they watching Keitaro's fantasy of taking Naru to Kanagawa Neverland, Kentaro arrives and scoffs at Keitaro's fantasy world. After illustrating his own analysis of Naru the duo take her on a "fantasy date" through Kaolla's Mr Virtual to find out whose methods are more effective.
As Kentaro is about to gain Naru's kiss, Keitaro breaks his virtual headset and forces the contest to end. As Kentaro claims victory, the real Naru arrives and asks Kentaro for a favor which turns out to be a request for more tickets to take everyone to Kanagawa Neverland.

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  • This episode is based on chapters 25 and 43 of the manga.
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