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This wiki is dedicated to collecting and chronicalising everything known about the Love Hina Universe. Love Hina is a Japanese manga and anime franchise created by the popular manga artist Ken Akamatsu, and is part of the much larger Akamatsuverse.

"So which is it? "Because you have to keep a promise", or do you think its no use chasing it? Those are two completely different reasons."
Noriyasu Seta


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Hinata House


The Hinata House was once a popular Japanese Lodge before it was changed into an All-Girl's Dormitory. Legendary for its ability to unite couples and grant the dreams of those who reside within, the complex became under the ownership of the Urashima Family.

The main location for events in Love Hina, Keitaro Urashima became the landlord of the dorm after he mistakenly arrived thinking it was still a hotel. Now tasked with looking after the residents of the dorm as well as maintaining the building and dealing with the location's mysteries and secrets, Keitaro struggles to find time to study for the entrance exams to Tokyo University.


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