The users known as Staff Members are just regular users who have been entrusted with some extra buttons.

Staff Members will also have a special icon on their userpages.

Staff Members have just the same responsibilities as any regular user, but can also do some special stuff such as confirming Featured Article Requests and Delete Candidates, editing datafiles, as well as viewing restricted special pages. If you need help, contact a Staff Member on his/her userpage.


Administrators(a.k.a "Sysops" or "Bureaucrats") have all the superpowers available, but only a Bureaucrat can make other users Admin.

Haruka-icon Su-icon Motoko-icon
Mtgradwell Uppfinnarn Netherith
Founder of the Wiki, and one of the two bureaucrats here. Volunteering "exchange student" from the Final Fantasy Wiki. The other bureaucrat. The user behind several other Wikias' skins who will help styling this up.
We need more admins, volunteer now and the position may be yours!


Moderators(a.k.a "Rollback" or "Mod") have only one superpower: Undoing the last edit to a page with just one click of the special Rollback link that appears just for them. Sysops and Bureaucrats both have this power. Moderators can also quickly advance to Sysop position, as they have already confirmed to know what they are doing...

No users currently have Rollback/Mod rights, volunteer now and the position may be yours!

Becoming a Staff Member

Anyone can become a Staff Member, just leave a message on Mtgradwell's or Uppfinnarn's Talk Page and they can make you one.

You should however have a few/a lot of edits on either this wiki or another wiki, and you should also state that on the message you leave. You can also migrate from a non-wikia-wiki such as Bulbapedia or similar, but not from Wikipedia.

If a Staff Member notices that you make a lot of (helpful) edits, you may even be invited to become a Staff Member.

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