Appearing only under the light of a Red Moon, the Todai Ruins is the modern day remainder of what was once the capital city of the ancient Turtle Civilization, located in the Kingdom of Molmol.

As the legend goes; around 600 B.C., the City of Todai was the heart of the Great Turtle civilization that spanned the entire Pacific Ocean.
A glorious utopia, it was almost five times the size of Pararakelse and possessed only peaceful harmony between man and turtle kind.
Legend had it that all that was needed for peace or even everlasting love was for two species or lovers to make a pilgrimage to this religious Mecca together.



  • Due to it only appearing under a Red Moon, the Todai Ruins are only accessible two nights a year via a secret entrance behind a waterfall.
  • The ruin's shape bears an uncanny resemblance to the main building of Tokyo University.
  • After racing Keitaro, Naru, the other Hinata residents and the entire Molmol military to the location, Noriyasu Seta and Haruka Urashima are married together within the ruins.
  • In designing the ceremonial altar of the ruins, Ken Akamatsu first envisioned it as a sunken pyramid with the floor and glyphs visible through the water. The end result turned out differently, however.

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