The Urashima Family is a prosperous Japanese family-line in Love Hina, noted for possessing land-ownership of the Hinata Inn/Hinata Apartments for at least three generations.
Keisuke Urashima owned the Hinata Inn during the time surrounding World War 2, fathering a child, named Hina, whom he would eventually pass on the landownership to. Hina Urashima’s children would grow and marry, eventually one starting a business in confectionary, turning it into a family business despite generating two children (Kanako Urashima, Keitaro Urashima) who possess no interest in the store while the child of Hina's elder daughter, Yoko Urashima (Haruka Urashima) was adopted by Hina after Yoko's death and began operating as the House Mother of Hinata Inn; operating a café attached to the Inn. Hina’s land ownership of the Inn would eventually pass to Keitaro Urashima who also pursued a career in archaeology; sharing operation of the Apartments with his girlfriend/fiancé/wife Naru Narusegawa. Haruka Urashima would also marry, to Noriyasu Seta, who already had a daughter under his care (Sarah Mcdougal).

Urashima Family Tree

Urashima Family members appearing in Love Hina


  • The Otohime Family are close relations to the Urashima Family whose members stay/work at Hinata Inn on various occasions.
  • Motoko Aoyama believes that the Shinmei-ryu ancestory and the Urashima family line were connected sometime in the past.
  • The connection between the Otohime Family and the Urashimas is a reference to the tale Urashima Taro where the main characters were Urashima Taro and the Princess Otohime.
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